Cana Land & Farm Company

The leading horse quality hay supplier in North Carolina.

Our Hay

Image of Stacked Hay Bales


Cana Land & Farm is happy to deliver hay to our clients at a reasonable rate.

We are capable of delivering up to 300 small square bales or 20 large square bales in a single load. We are also able to bring multiple trailers based on the clients order.

We will be happy to stack the hay in your barn, shed, or loft. Please contact Cana Land & Farm for a quote on delivery.

We guarantee all of the hay we sell and stand behind our product 100%.

Available Varieties of Hay

Image of Alfalfa Orchardgrass

Small Square Bales

  • Timothy
  • Timothy/Orchard Mix
  • Timothy/Alfalfa Mix
  • Orchardgrass
  • Orchardgrass/Alfalfa Mix
  • Alfalfa
  • Fescue
  • Fescue/Orchardgrass Mix

Large Square Bales (3'x3'x8')

  • Timothy/Orchardgrass
  • Orchardgrass
  • Orchardgrass/Alfalfa Mix